Major results.

Here are some examples of the types of the projects and tasks I can tackle for your organization and the questions they will answer:

  • Marketing strategy (Does our marketing strategy help us accomplish our business goals? How do we prioritize our goals? How do we get more leads/build our business? How much should we be spending on marketing?)
  • Digital marketing strategy (How do I get more people to come to our website? What is the point of an email list and how to I grow my list? Should I be paying for ads online? Which channels will bring us the most value? How do you measure success of digital marketing efforts? What should our emails look like? How often should we be emailing people on our list? Should we have a CRM system?)
  • Target audience/segment persona development (Who are we talking to? What does each audience care about? Where are they spending time? How can we align marketing content with each audience?)
  • Marketing content calendar development (How often should we communicate with our audience(s)? What channels should we use? What should we say? Should we be using social media? If yes, which platforms should we be on and how often should we post?)
  • Analytics and measurement (How do we define success for our marketing efforts? What metrics should we be tracking?)
  • Employment/HR/team recommendations (Who should we hire to do marketing for us? Should we use a marketing agency? Should we just hire contractors as needs arise or should we hire an in-house FTE? Do we need a marketing director? Can one person do both marketing and sales?)
  • Branding advice (Do we need branding assistance? Can our website better serve our target audience’s needs? How can I get our employees to use consistent branding?)
  • Marketing event/collateral recommendations (What events are worthwhile to attend? What should our goals be when sending employees to events/conferences? What print materials should we have? Should we be giving away swag?)

I prefer working with clients in person, although I may consider remote projects if the fit is right. I am currently accepting clients in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

Prices for services vary depending on the outcome you desire.

Questions about my services? Interested in discussing an engagement? Don’t see what you need on this list? Send me a note using the form below and I’ll contact you within one business day: