Two personality tests that will help you at work

Are you like me and love a good personality test? I’m a self-proclaimed personal growth addict and I love, love, love taking test and quizzes that help me understand myself better. Yes, this Enneagram-Type-3-ENFP-DISC-Type-I is a bit obsessed. While every test has it’s strengths, there are two in particular that I have come to love that specifically help in managing work relationships and understanding what I am good at in a professional context:

  1. The ‎Kolbe A™ Index – this test will give you a read-out of your conative style – your typical action pattern for getting things done. You end up in one of four categories: Quick Start (you jump right into a task with little preparation and learn by doing), Fact Finder (you spend lots of time researching and finding information before you do something), Implementor (you like concrete objects instead of words – a more hands-on learner), or Follow Through (you like lessons, books, “how-to’s” and ordered steps to help you get things done). This test can be really helpful when you’re looking at potential jobs and what type of work they require, or building teams that have styles balanced between members. The test is $50.
  2. CliftonStrengths – this is distributed by the great folks at Gallup and used to be called “StrengthsFinder.” It costs $20 to get your five top strengths, or you can get a breakdown of all 34 strengths for $89). After some in-depth questioning, it will give you detailed information on how you tick – the qualities and strengths you bring to the workplace and to life. I first took this test in 2011 and the results were so spot-on that I keep it right on my desktop to glance at whenever I am starting a new venture. My top 5 strengths are Woo, Communication, Maximizer, Empathy, and Individualization. As I was building this coaching practice, I made sure the services I was offering all counted on these strengths at work to succeed.

Comment below and let me know if there are any other tests or profiles you love to use!

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